• The Livestock Regime Activity (REAP) was published in 2008. Since then AmbAssist has based their work on this diploma, with special focus on poultry, making them today a leading organization in providing licensing services for poultry activity in the central region.

    Our Main Clientes:

  • Agro 82–Produção Agrícola e Animal, Lda

    Avicordeiro, Lda.

    Avifrazão – Sociedade Agropecuária, Lda.

    Antoaves - Avicultura, Lda.

    Aviferreira - Avicultura, Lda.

    Avipecuária do Penedo, Lda.

    Confriovo II – Avicultura, Lda.

  • Companhia Avícola do Centro (CAC II), SA.

    Duartovos, Lda.

    José Antunes, Lda

    Louriovo – Indústria Avícola, Lda.

    Multiovos - Produção de Ovos, Lda.

    Ovolis - Aviário Produtor do Monte, Lda.

    Ovopor - Agro-Pecuária dos Milagres, SA.

  • The implementation of environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 standards is also one of AmbAssist´s reference services. All clients with an IPPC License issued have an uncertified environmental system management; however McDonald´s Portugal, Lda. is the reference client, making their environmental management system currently certified by accredited entities.