• Implement ISO 14001, obtaining international recognition of the sustainable development strategy and constant improvement that your organization assumes!

    An Environmental Management System aims at reducing the environmental impact of an organization resulting from their activity, this being a part of the organizations strategy, enabling an improvement in its environmental performance.

    By having in mind the needs and characteristics of each particular organization, an Environmental Management System plan is defined. Following the guidelines of NP EN ISO 14001 standards, criteria of recognition is guaranteed in the market.

    Therefore the organization has the following advantages:

    Gaining a competitive advantage exceeding the competition;

    Confidence in fulfillment with the legislation valid;

    An Improved image;

    Reduction of environmental and human risks;

    Improved internal organization and centralization of information.

  • AmbAssist intends on being an associate in the definition and implementation of preventive and corrective actions and in monitoring established environmental goals and performance indicators. Ambassist contributes to your organization's environmental performance continuous improvement!

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